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Settling into normal life after two months away, with the new-ish copy of the Gentlewoman to crack into and falling in love with my one pint-er Sports Direct mug all over again. Yes there’s three bags in there, I’m on a complex system of tea-fills.

While I get reacquainted with sleeping in a bed and self-determined days, there’s still a ton of tour diary stuff to go up, so I’ll get through that before I get back to usual blogging, but in the meantime here’s what I learned on my trip away:

- After a while, wearing the same pair of socks for three days just feels natural.
- My sense of direction is pretty amazing. Never realised how good I am at finding my way round unfamiliar cities and tube systems.
- Even I will reach a limit of tolerance with cheese and cold cuts.
- On average -even most of the people we met were lovely- the German venues were the nicest and cleanest with the most friendliest people. Might brush up on my GCSE deutsche skills for a return trip sometime.
- Europeans really love puffa jackets, shiny slick puffa jackets.

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2 comments to Back home

  • PhilW

    Ha! I’ve been going on about the proliferation of those shiny puffa jackets to anyone that would listen for ages! #foreigntouristscene #bleugh (welcome back btw)

  • Caroline Williams

    THREE TEABAGS? You ANIMAL! (3 days sockage totally fine btw)

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