Tour Diary: Groundhog Outfit

No word of a lie, I’ve been wearing this outfit pretty much permanently for the last two weeks. With obvious underneath layer changes for hygiene reasons bien sur. Finding an outfit that works and sticking to it is so much easier than rifling through bags and trying to out something new together every day, just [...]

These Are A Few Of My Favourite GIFs

Fashion GIFs (and GIFs in general) are one of my big loves, who can resist a sexy combination of old-school internet LOLs and fashwan? Fashion is often all about slickness or aspiration and can take itself quite seriously, but GIFify some fashion shots and it immediately humanises and contextualises it which makes fashion much more [...]

Get It Off Your Text

The gladly defunct London Lite paper had a genius section called Get It Off Your Text, where a seemingly bonkers cross-section of Londoners could send their rants via the medium of SMS. This product selection is dedicated to you, you lovely bunch of nutters.

Getting It Off Their Texts here are Antoni & Alison with [...]

Buy Me: Falke Cotton Touch Tights

There’s nothing that lets down an outfit like cheap tights with runs or a baggy, loose knit. I hate cheap tights, you can immediately tell a pair of £2 opaques or snaggy sheers.

Falke’s Cotton Touch tights have an ultra-fine, ultra-smooth knit that looks just as good as your average nylon opaque, but with the [...]

The Perfect Breton

Land’s End have come up trumps with the perfect breton, I’ve been looking for a few months for a very specific kind of stripe. It had to be cotton, a thick, stiff knit with a slouchy kind of cool. The kind where, if you roll up the sleeves a little they stay put like a [...]

Sunday Sundries: The Busy Week

This week has the dubious honour of Busiest Week Since Records Began, starting off with a nice post-Dunwich Dynamo buzz, a trip to Dublin and ending on two hours’ sleep for a shoot that began at the crack of dawn. Phew.Check out this gorgeous tweefest, loving trying the La Sardina Lomo camera. It’s a preview [...]

Corgi Blimey!

The Jubilee excites me more than the Olympics, mainly because I love a good old British knees up and the Royals aren’t sponsored by Macdonalds. Also, last year I was cycling my way round Holland during the Royal Wedding so I (albeit intentionally) missed out on the bunting and Union Jack action.

I’m no massive Royalist [...]

Sunday Sundries: Car Boot Bank Holiday

My love for football comes and goes, I’m a completely fairweather fan but support Arsenal like my grandfather and my uncles. This Saturday was ripe for a trip up to North London to hang out with fellow fashion gooners, no pics unfortunately, football-watching is not the most photogenic of acitivities.

Chiswick car boot sale is a [...]

PFW AW12: Katrien Van Hecke

I’ve never had dreadlocks and I’d rather die than play fire poi, but underneath it all I’m quite a hippy. I cycle, eat brown rice A LOT and bank ethically, but it’s all below-the-surface, right-where-it-matters, hippy stylings.

Katrien Van Hecke‘s AW12 collection tickled my inner hippy sensibilites, her clothes are dyed entirely with natural rather than [...]

PFW: Veronique Leroy AW12

Veronique Leroy’s PFW show was pretty much the most French show of my week. The Lycée Henri IV in the Latin Quarter was the venue, a school with book-lined wooden shelves and high, corniced ceiling.

Leroy’s collection drew from the 60s and there was definitely a kittenish, BB thing going on with the hair and the [...]

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