Death to fringe and tie dye

On the last day of Glastonbury 98 (my first one) I was wearing knee length football socks, trainers, a massively baggy t-shirt that said ‘Hip Hop Don’t Stop’ and an unremarkable pair of beige shorts. Fast forward to last year when I saw a gaggle of teens on their way to Wireless or V or [...]

Sunday Sundries: Docus, Dishes and Forts

Kind of a quiet week of working and cycling, this weird weather feels a bit like being in summer limbo. Made a fort in the front room and drank wine in it, highly recommended.

Poly Styrene on her bicycle, from her docu currently on iPlayer.

First attempt at making Mabo Dofou from scratch, the spicy pork [...]

Emmanuelle Alt heralds new Vogue Paris era

Emmanuelle Alt doing Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. I know this video has been doing the rounds but I had to post it. Two of my favourite things, Vogue Paris and You Tube LOLs rolled into one mindblowing video. I still can’t get my head round it; can you imagine Alexandra Shulman, Anna [...]

Happy Halloween!

You’ll can spot me every Halloween, I’m usually the one with the grossest costume you can imagine. This year I took it down a notch and was a fairly sensible Columbo, but I can still never do fashion-Halloween. I loved putting together this outfit though, a stylish way to do spooky. MAC’s Rougemarie is the best faux-bloody shade I’ve used and looks good all year round.

Show Me Your New Look Wardrobe

To help mark our AW11 Press Day at work I got Jackie Dixon in to shoot some of our fave bloggers in their pick of AW pieces. The resulting pictures are a 100 times better than I wished, everyone looks really happy and has styled pieces in their own distinctive way. Jackie kindly fitted a [...]


I love packing at the best of times, but when you’re faced with two panniers to pack in, one of which you want to keep kind of empty because it’s Koninginnedag and the whole of the Netherlands is having a car boot sale, yes siree… Well that’s one kind of fashion rubix cube I can [...]

What’s Your Power Animal?

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day last week with half a Guinness in the Lamb, the OC doesn’t stand for Orange County y’know. Fresh from Crufts, Sam is rocking a pug necklace and a tiger ring on a chain. I’m wearing a croco ring gifted from Soho Hearts (thanks guys!), see picture below for the up close [...]


My sister is a bit of genius, we’ve written whole romcoms on gchat before which will never see the light of day (softly spoken Irish/Scottish love interest, LOL) but when she sent me this piece of eye candy I had to share. A cat rucksack! Catsack?
It’s perfect for my practical side, and my crackpot librarian [...]

LSE librarians

At my local library there was a woman who used to have an ultra-long thick french plait, and she sported a heady combo of round glasses, plastic jewellery, Laura Ashley dresses layered with waistcoats and low court shoes. In short a bit of a fashion genius.

This set of portraits of LSE librarians from the [...]

Giles Deacon X Happy Socks 4 Elton John AIDS Foundation

Feast your eyes on this! Teaser pics of GIles Deacon’s collection for Happy Socks have just landed and they’re even better than I imagined. Referencing his googly eye motif, and the diamanté spider form a few seasons back they’re fun but real purdy too. And omg I die! 70 Euros for a boxed collection of [...]

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