Sunday Sundries: Margaret Howell, Vincent Deary, Alela Diane and Greenpoint

Margaret Howell is consistently one of my favourite designers at London Fashion Week. Something about the way she can come up with fresh silhouettes and ideas in what is quite a classic and restrained look. The two looks above are exactly what I want to wear right now. The midi look is kind of similar [...]

Sunday Sundries: Bella Freud scents, GIFs and defining success

Have spent most of the weekend making GIFs for a Buzzfeed post on packing, you can see my last one here, nothing more fun than setting up a tripod and making some silly moving pictures.

Went to the launch of Bella Freud’s perfume range at Harvey Nichols, a trio of pleasing scents that all feel [...]

On yer bike: Madeleine Moxham

When she’s not making awesome jewellery, or ‘wearable construction’ as she has dubbed her instantly identifiable pieces, Madeleine Moxham can often be seen cycling around the streets of Camberwell, where she grew up and still lives. To coincide with the Tour de France -and obviously because she’s as cool as hell- I decided to ask [...]

My first ever Tweed Run

Brooks, they of super-comfy saddles that saved my bum on last year’s 120-mile Dunwich Dynamo, invited me a few weeks ago to join the Tweed Run. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of people in tweed riding around London. I’ve never been on it but I’ve seen the great outfits, so I knew that [...]

Holiday packing like a minimalist

The only good thing about lugging bags around is your abs. There’s nothing like dragging a suitcase behind you to strengthen your core, try it! When I was doing lots more styling projects I was always lugging big suitcases around, admittedly you do get abs of steel, but the lug is part of the reason [...]

Sophia Webster for J Crew

Being in sunny fashion paradise does have its drawbacks, I missed the launch last night for Sophia Webster‘s collaboration with J Crew. A designer who cut her teeth at Nicholas Kirkwood before quickly making a name for herself with fun, colourful but very chic heels that have the same joyful spirit as J Crew. The [...]

Tour Diary outfit: feeling all fancy

This is what I’m calling my fancy outfit, aka vaguely more dressed up than usual. I’m really really into how my Nike Frees go with anything, I’d usually wear this outfit with smarter shoes, like my silver ones, but it totally works with the trainers and gives it a more modern look.

Uniqlo knitwear is [...]

Tour Diary: Paris

Paris, just over the channel, I speak the language and one of my best friends lives there. So it’s kind of foreign but not, it still marked the first stop on the European leg of the journey. After dumping my stuff in our hotel, we walked a little while to Mum In Her Little Kitchen, [...]

Tour Diary: Groundhog Outfit

No word of a lie, I’ve been wearing this outfit pretty much permanently for the last two weeks. With obvious underneath layer changes for hygiene reasons bien sur. Finding an outfit that works and sticking to it is so much easier than rifling through bags and trying to out something new together every day, just [...]

Thoughts on capsule packing

I’m doing a bit of a pre-tour sort of my room, packing away the things I wont need and getting rid of a few bits while I’m at it. I’ve obviously been planning my ‘tour essentials’ in my head for a few weeks. Don’t even get my started on my ‘capsule essential must-have beauty items’. [...]

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