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Farfetch x Muuse: giving new designers a leg-up

Fashion hub Farfetch has teamed up with Muuse, a Danish site that scours the world for fresh and exciting graduate talent. Working together, Farfetch x Muuse is going to provide a platform for emerging designers to showcase and more importantly, sell their work. Being a total Dane-o-phile I jumped at the chance to quiz the [...]

Tour Diary outfit: feeling all fancy

This is what I’m calling my fancy outfit, aka vaguely more dressed up than usual. I’m really really into how my Nike Frees go with anything, I’d usually wear this outfit with smarter shoes, like my silver ones, but it totally works with the trainers and gives it a more modern look.

Uniqlo knitwear is [...]

Tour Diary: Paris

Paris, just over the channel, I speak the language and one of my best friends lives there. So it’s kind of foreign but not, it still marked the first stop on the European leg of the journey. After dumping my stuff in our hotel, we walked a little while to Mum In Her Little Kitchen, [...]

Tour Diary: Groundhog Outfit

No word of a lie, I’ve been wearing this outfit pretty much permanently for the last two weeks. With obvious underneath layer changes for hygiene reasons bien sur. Finding an outfit that works and sticking to it is so much easier than rifling through bags and trying to out something new together every day, just [...]

Thoughts on capsule packing

I’m doing a bit of a pre-tour sort of my room, packing away the things I wont need and getting rid of a few bits while I’m at it. I’ve obviously been planning my ‘tour essentials’ in my head for a few weeks. Don’t even get my started on my ‘capsule essential must-have beauty items’. [...]

A look back at late summer Venice

January is so the month that everyone just plods through, with gritted teeth and glumly clutching resolutions. Unless you’re one of those charmed people who go to the Caribbean to catch some winter sun, in which case you’re not allowed to read this blog. I’m remembering wearing JUST a t-shirt and jeans, do you know [...]

Another 8, your new favourite bridge brand

How are we even halfway through this month? I know that such a mum thing to say and no, I’m not hiding a secret bun in the oven -it’s a food baby- but it seems like a million miles ago when I was invited to Another 8‘s preview event in December. It only took a [...]

Freelance essential: the jumper dress

From left: Cos mohair dress, now £48. Henrik Vibskov Crocodile Dress, now $420, Creatures of Comfort. Toast Josie sweater, now £99.

When you go freelance, before you get an accountant, make sure you have savings or declare your self-employed status to the tax man, the first thing you need is a jumper dress. Just kidding, all [...]

Cruise Ruse

It’s around this time of year that I start dreaming of… White sand beaches. I’m remembering incredulously my trip to Mexico two years ago, was everything really that bright and colourful? Every time Christmas comes round I swear I’m going to fly away and spend it getting a tan and eating jerked meats in Jamaica. [...]

From bikes to tea sets: a Christmas gift guide

I don’t know whether it’s having family in London and not having to trek home or just being lazy, but I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. Can you believe I haven’t bought a thing? Yep. But then I have made a colour-coded spreadsheet of the food we’re eating, so, priorities. After [...]

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