Margaret Thatcher is not my female role model

Margaret Thatcher died yesterday. In her wake, tributes have been pouring in, some of them lauding Thatcher as a great leader and a female role model. This is a woman who once said ‘I hate feminism. It is a poison.’ This is a woman who, once in power, neglected to appoint more than a handful [...]

WOW Women of the World Festival

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I will be taking part in the WOW Festival, celebrating women of the world. Recently TV shows like Girls (haven’t seen it, can’t comment!) have highlighted the cultural imbalance in feminism so it’s nice to see an event that takes a holistic approach to equality and freedom for women. [...]

Resolutions: Smashing Targets for 2K13

Let me start by saying I don’t really make resolutions as such, I feel like I transcend the mere seasonal trends to hopefully achieve something more long lasting, y’know?? If you hate corporate speak, look away now.

As a freelancer I don’t have appraisals, or reviews or one-to-ones anymore. What was once a dreaded exercise in [...]

US Elections – You Don’t Own Me!

“You Don’t Own Me” PSA from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.

Elections are always a tense time when you inwardly have ‘please don’t let the bastards win’ on a mental loop. I’m really happy that a motely crew of amazing women have got together to promote the importance of women voting in the upcoming US [...]

Things To Look Forward To: AW12

Bringing back ‘Things To Look Forward To‘ for Autumn, it might be coat weather but don’t let that be a downer because there’s loads of exciting things on in the capital over the next coupla months…

Ice Cream Van Illustrated until Friday
Artist Rebecca Davies is not only one of the coolest people so don’t miss this [...]

Sunday Sundries: High Summer Hiatus

Sunday Sundries have been a little thin on the ground because I’ve been outdoors, enjoying the precious summer days. Last week felt like a holiday after a whole afternoon of lido-lazing and I’m determined to squeeze out every last drop of summer fun (read: top up my tan) until Autumn.The kids over the fence
Left: some [...]

Mental Pie Chart: The Family Holiday

Just got back from holiday with lots of exciting things to blog and ideas for work, but first up here’s a little pie chart of all the thoughts that have been clanging round my head for the last two weeks like trainers in a washing machine. Liked this one? Check out all ridiculous mental jamz [...]

Monday Sundries: BBQ Fun, Hooping Gifs and Jerk Ribs Recipe

This Sunday Sundries is a day late, but it comes packed with pics, a recipe and a gif. What more could you want? Housing benefit for the under 25s? Yeah me too. Oh well.

Anyway, my BFF was celebrating her 30th bday jerk-style with a massive barbecue with all the Carribean trimmings including mac & cheese, [...]

Sunday Sundries: fashion pub quiz, lambs and the Big Ride

Sounding a bit Alan Partridge, but the last week has been a total mixed bag. I’ve been back at home, trying to get into my freelance routine again, heading out to press days and drinking lots of coffee.

I don’t usually cycle when it’s raining heavily as I don’t like turning up looking like a [...]

Big Riding

I should feature more cycling on the blog, as apart from when it’s horrible weather like this I can mostly be found on my bike zipping around town. It’s my favourite way of navigating the press day maze and is pretty much always quicker than public transport. I’ll even forgive cycling for beefing up my [...]

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