Back home

Settling into normal life after two months away, with the new-ish copy of the Gentlewoman to crack into and falling in love with my one pint-er Sports Direct mug all over again. Yes there’s three bags in there, I’m on a complex system of tea-fills.

While I get reacquainted with sleeping in a bed and [...]

From bikes to tea sets: a Christmas gift guide

I don’t know whether it’s having family in London and not having to trek home or just being lazy, but I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. Can you believe I haven’t bought a thing? Yep. But then I have made a colour-coded spreadsheet of the food we’re eating, so, priorities. After [...]

In bloom: Adidas by Stella McCartney

Interflora recently asked me if I’d like to put together ideas for a bouquet for London Fashion Week. Of all the frivolous things I get to do as a blogger, messing around with flowers definitely is up there on that list. I chose Stella McCartney for Adidas because it was the least ‘flowery’ designer, I [...]

Mapping out spring/summer

I love maps, I think it’s a family thing, my grandad always loved to get a map out. There’s something reassuring about placing yourself and also just from an aesthetic point of view, all that sky blue is dreamy. THe map above is a WWII silk map of Italy that hangs in my bedroom.

On a [...]

Studio Music – Sanity Saving For Freelancers

I do honestly love music but sometimes when I’m at home I’ll feel a perverse need to put on some dross like Maroon 5, or Charles and Eddie – which I totally stand by or listen to my 3yr old UKG mix on repeat.

Saving me from myself is Studio Music, a brilliant idea from illustrator [...]

Jumble Fever: Trying To Quit My Hoarding Ways

Recently I’ve been waking up singing ‘It’s like a jumble sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under’, because my room looks like a tip. You may have seen me tweet about my ‘clothes boyfriend’ aka the pile of clothes that sometimes lives on the other side of the bed, or moaning [...]

Love: Votivo Deep Clover Scented Candle

My scent-sensitive nose doesn’t appreciate strong fabric conditioners, cheap perfumes or cloying scented candles; really strong smelling stuff can give me a headache or make me sneeze. Votivo’s Deep Clover scented candle is like none of these things and I love it. It’s a really fresh smell but woodiness takes away any overt perkiness [...]

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