Sunday Sundries: Margaret Howell, Vincent Deary, Alela Diane and Greenpoint

Margaret Howell is consistently one of my favourite designers at London Fashion Week. Something about the way she can come up with fresh silhouettes and ideas in what is quite a classic and restrained look. The two looks above are exactly what I want to wear right now. The midi look is kind of similar [...]

Sunday Sundries: Lou Reed, the science of sleep and should you check email?

This week I’ve been making the most of freelance life with some Wednesday afternoon cakes from Borough Market, got a 90s flashback to Gwynnie’s slick crops and polonecks era watching Sliding Doors and had Sunday brunch at South London Gallery with Alyson.

RIP Lou Reed, whether you’re a superfan or only just learning about his musical [...]

MIA for Versus, market stall chic

MIA has always elicited mixed feelings from me, but you can’t deny the badass provocateur is clever. Currently being sued by the NFL for flipping the bird during halftime at the Superbowl she recorded a video to set the record straight, saying:

“They want me on my knees, to say sorry so they can slap me [...]

UKG flashback – Ewen Spencer's Brandy & Coke

Friday is traditionally UK Garage day and it has been for a long time, chair dancing with my headphones to a selection of garage playlists which has seen me through the toughest (read most hungover) of work days. Listening to the clicky, offset upbeat tunes also
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seems to magically help squeeze out [...]

Interview with Studio Music’s Rose Blake

I have waxed on and waxed off about Studio Music before, for those who work from home or deal with the politics of office playlists it’s a total saviour, in fact I’m listening to it RIGHT NOW! Forget hearing the same 10 songs on the radio, or being subjected to your colleagues’ music tastes, Studio [...]

Miserable Bastard Music: Top 10 Sad Songs

All my favourite music is pretty miserable, cheery choons just don’t cut it for me. My good pal Silv recently compiled her Top Ten Miserable Bastard Songs and it got me thinking what were my favourite Debbie Downer melodies? This is actually 11 songs because I couldn’t whittle it down any more, there are loads [...]

Studio Music – Sanity Saving For Freelancers

I do honestly love music but sometimes when I’m at home I’ll feel a perverse need to put on some dross like Maroon 5, or Charles and Eddie – which I totally stand by or listen to my 3yr old UKG mix on repeat.

Saving me from myself is Studio Music, a brilliant idea from illustrator [...]

Antoni & Alison LFW SS13 – The Great Leap Forward

This season was heavy on the nostalgia, with a lot of designers who were Big Names when I was a young fashion fan, Antoni and Alison are one of those names and it’s great to see them back on the LFW schedule.

After a slightly emotional speech at the beginning from both Alison Roberts and Antoni [...]

Sunday Sundries: Nothing To See Here

Richard Hoggart building, Goldsmiths

I mostly worked this week, and anything I did of note wasn’t documented by a camera unfortunately. Still trying to come up with some kind of harness that will let me take pics on my bike. Friday I went to see a performance with a few sound artists at Goldsmiths. It was [...]

Sunday Sundries: Docus, Dishes and Forts

Kind of a quiet week of working and cycling, this weird weather feels a bit like being in summer limbo. Made a fort in the front room and drank wine in it, highly recommended.

Poly Styrene on her bicycle, from her docu currently on iPlayer.

First attempt at making Mabo Dofou from scratch, the spicy pork [...]

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