Brora AW11 Event

I’ve always associated Brora with luxury cashmere, but at their recent Autumn/Winter event I got to see another side to the brand. They have some really wonderful arran knits, in traditional cream but also fantastic prints. Brora have access to the Liberty archive, selecting prints and repurposing them in their own shades.

Gillian, one of their knitwear designers was kind enough to take me round the shop and was full of interesting information. Focusing on the punky mohair stripe jumper, one of my favourite pieces, I found out that it’s made from longer fibres than most jumpers out there so you wont get that really irritating scratchiness. The blue and black version isn’t just a plain blue, it’s a mix of cobalt, with a softer blue and a smattering of magenta/purple to make it really vibrant.

Victoria Stapleton, the company’s founder, touched on this when she gave a talk, she’ll go up to the mill in Scotland and unload a ton of debris/treasure like a shoe, or a leaf or a scrap of fabric to start bulding the colour palette for the season.

Back to Gillian, she explained that like some of the bigger luxury brands like Burberry and Pringle they too have an army of knitters who make pieces like the handknit baby cardigan. Her own grandmother is one of the knitters which is an indication of the loyalty and family atmosphere Brora have cultivated since taking over a mill in the village of the same name back in the ’90s.

Brora Autumn Winter
A/W collection

Anja Rubik for Kurt Geiger AW11

Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of ponyskin this coming season! First River Island’s amazing bright blue pair and now this cracker of a pic. Anja Rubik has been picked as the face of Kurt Geiger in a shoot that takes place on the streets of London. It’s got a real retro rock chick feel to it, which I definitely attribute to Kate Moss’ recent wedding, who saw those pics and didn’t want to be her all over again? Love the dalmatian-print boots Anja is wearing in this pic, definitely wont be short of dalmatian on the high street this season either.

Margaret Howell AW11

While all around have been mining the ’70s for all it’s worth, Margaret Howell does retro with a lightness of touch and a masculinity that takes it out of the museum and into the street.

Having seen the show I definitely feel like I need a hat. A proper man’s hat, not an indie Chelsea-Dagger [...]

Topshop Unique AW11

When I was a child I used to hang out in Woolworths trying to buy lottery cards and watching the films on the screens, which played against a backdrop of whatever was in the Top 40. I remember the scene at the end of 101 Dalamtians (where they’re crowded round a piano) going hilariously well [...]

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