Mother of Pearl AW12

After looking at Mother of Pearl‘s collection I had a line from Ruth Leitman’s incredible Wildwood N.J. documentary buzzing around in my head… ‘it’s different, every night, it’s different’.

Voluminous shapes in ultrasoft leather, guest-artist prints and an ease with bright, bold colour make this a label that stands out. The clothes aren’t too obviously [...]

My AW Essentials from Next

I’ve refined my style (or at least I like to think I have) to a lot of quite basic pieces that I wear again and again, they’re the wardrobe glue that holds the rest of my vintage and kookier pieces together. I kind of shop like a stereotypical bloke, I like to swoop, eagle-like into [...]

Prada Pattern Mix Lady

In case you hadn’t realised by my smug tweets and cheesy instagram shots I’m on hols right now, enjoying some family time in the south of France. Everything is better here, seriously, the food, weather and general life quals. Apart perhaps from the internet, small but crucial detail.

Anyway, check out this amazing lady I crossed [...]

PFW: Veronique Leroy AW12

Veronique Leroy’s PFW show was pretty much the most French show of my week. The Lycée Henri IV in the Latin Quarter was the venue, a school with book-lined wooden shelves and high, corniced ceiling.

Leroy’s collection drew from the 60s and there was definitely a kittenish, BB thing going on with the hair and the [...]

London Fashion Week AW12: Cop A Feel

Catwalk shows are thrilling and sometimes a little tear-inducing (who me?) but it’s always nice to get up close to the collections and check out the seams and the fabrics. Tactile vs catwalk, its not possible to pick but for designers like Michael van der Ham and Lucas Nascimento seeing the clothes and having a [...]

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