Monday Sundries: Richard Pryor, Martha’s Vineyard, Bill Callahan and more

Last weekend I went to Green Man, sadly found myself on the Severn Bridge when the Waterboys played because of a kitchen flood, but my favourite moment of the weekend – apart from catching up with the Anna Calvi band and crew – was seeing Bill Callahan, it was so good I closed my eyes [...]

Miserable Bastard Music: Top 10 Sad Songs

All my favourite music is pretty miserable, cheery choons just don’t cut it for me. My good pal Silv recently compiled her Top Ten Miserable Bastard Songs and it got me thinking what were my favourite Debbie Downer melodies? This is actually 11 songs because I couldn’t whittle it down any more, there are loads [...]

Studio Music – Sanity Saving For Freelancers

I do honestly love music but sometimes when I’m at home I’ll feel a perverse need to put on some dross like Maroon 5, or Charles and Eddie – which I totally stand by or listen to my 3yr old UKG mix on repeat.

Saving me from myself is Studio Music, a brilliant idea from illustrator [...]

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