LFW DVF Outfit

I was going to post something completely different but my image filing system leaves er, a lot to be desired and I landed on a ton of London Fashion Week pics. Topical! I took this in the lifts at One Aldwych after biking all over the shop to see shows. Everyone should own a DVF [...]

Outfit: Shirt + Dress = Dreamy Summer

Recently I’ve jettisoned my usual tights jeans and shirt uniform been wearing lots of dresses with shirts over the top, the shirts de-girlify the dresses and protect you from the whims of the weather. Here I’m wearing a New Look dress, a shirt I stole from my flatmate (it’s in the wash for you Sam, [...]

Sunday Sundries: A Surprise Trip to Margate

When your bezzie mate turns thirty it’s time to kidnap her and take her on a trip to the seaside and luckily we had the only summery day of the year. Margate is a lovely place to go for the day, a little bit ramshackle but lovely. We had a swim, went for walks, had [...]

Sunday Sundries: Champagne, Shoots and Styles

Warning! As well as your usual cosy nonsense this Sunday Sundries contains hairballs. Well that’s what happens when you get your hair cut at home, something you don’t get at your hairdressers. Champagne and bruschetta in a sunny garden is an unbearably smug way to start off the weekend, I shoulda been Instagramming that all [...]

Outfit Post: Cycle Gifs

How better to show you what I wear to cycle across town that through the medium of the ~gif? Check out these beautiful works of art. If I’m getting changed at my destination I usually cycle in something that’s about two steps away from pjs, I figure if you look like an idiot then cars [...]

Summer Shoes

Summer means a whole new wardrobe, I’ve unpacked all my dresses, tops and skirts for sunny weather and my room is looking a little like Oxford St Primark at the end of a Saturday. Except it’s mostly charity shop bargains and Uniqlo, natch.

Here’s some garden-based pics of the shoes I’m wearing at the moment, [...]

Breton me up Scotty

Substitute the skirt for a pair of jeans and you’ve got my everyday working from home outfit right there. Not to say that I’m in a rut or anything, but I’m wearing a lot of the same kind of stuff at the moment. Having a post-house move edited wardrobe, or what Fashionising are called the [...]

Bank holidaying

Cardigan: Uniqlo / Shirt: InWear / Trousers: Cos / Shoes: car boot / Bracelets: vintage

This bank holiday I set off to Henley for a bit of charity-shopping and I managed to snag a real old-fashioned haul of joy. I’m talking banana-leg Margaret Howell chinos, Ferragamo heels and a lacy pair of ’90s slipper [...]

Spangly children’s creepers

I’m not going to write a post apologising for being a slack blogger because that is a pure blogger jinx and leads to posting on a monthly basis to apologise for not posting. ANYWAY, so instead I’m going to tell you about these amazing shoes I saw in the charity shop.

I don’t own them [...]

Preppy vs moron, the showdown

I’ve mentioned Euro Bourgeois quite a bit in the last few days, and I don’t know if it’s the hot heat but I feel like busting out some chino shorts and going for a gentle stroll with a knotted jumper ‘pon my shoulder. It wasn’t always this way though.

Pretty much ever since I could dress [...]

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