October beauty faves: Clinique, Seascape, Revlon, Etat Pur and more…

A week or so ago I was clearing out my hoard of beauty products, which I actually don’t think is that bad but got me a few shocked comments on Instagram! I keep most of my beauty booty in a big chest of drawers but it was starting to multiply and overflow into random boxes [...]

Buy Me: Etat Pur Skincare

French brand Etat Pur bring out the beauty maximalist in me with their range of targeted Pure Actives for specific skin issues. Pick one or two of your beauty bugbears and I guarantee they will have a serum for it.

I’ve been using a few of their products for a while and I’m a big fan [...]

Holiday Hydrashe

It’s all gone a bit hol-shaped Isabelle OC towers (who am I kidding? Isabelle OC is more of a hut, like a country bus stop where kids hang out, drink cider, snog each other and set fire to stuff) so here’s a little holiday hydration post for your eyes.

I’m sort of squatting in my grandma’s [...]

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