Tour Diary outfit: feeling all fancy

This is what I’m calling my fancy outfit, aka vaguely more dressed up than usual. I’m really really into how my Nike Frees go with anything, I’d usually wear this outfit with smarter shoes, like my silver ones, but it totally works with the trainers and gives it a more modern look.

Uniqlo knitwear is [...]

Outfit post: black and navy

Remember when black and blue was the Worst Thing? Mixing your neutrals was on a par with going at your molars with a toothpick wa-aay back but now it’s delish. In Copenhagen I was working a snuggly mix of black and navy which was perfect for the cold, crisp weather there. I love a nice [...]

Buy Me: Falke Cotton Touch Tights

There’s nothing that lets down an outfit like cheap tights with runs or a baggy, loose knit. I hate cheap tights, you can immediately tell a pair of £2 opaques or snaggy sheers.

Falke’s Cotton Touch tights have an ultra-fine, ultra-smooth knit that looks just as good as your average nylon opaque, but with the [...]

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