A month of Sundays Sundries

A month! Wow. Moving on swiftly, the image above (we’ve all been there) is part of a set by Billy Monk, a bouncer and photographer who documented the underground nightlife in Apartheid-era South Africa. What they got up to! [Camara Democratica]

Watch Michelle Obama speaking at Maya Angelou’s funeral service. Mobes is just the best. [Gawker] [...]

Sunday Sundries: plotting, recordkeeping and suffragettes

This week has been a blur of meetings, with cakes and on high up in London, lecturing in Birmingham and plotting. Lots of plotting. January is always such a blah month that I like to hibernate a little and make plans for the rest of the year. Lots of recipe ideas up my sleeve, a [...]

Sunday Sundries: the British Fashion Awards, feminism and collecting

I call this, Triptych with Champagne. This is me dicking around after the British Fashion Awards in my new Antipodium dress, bought about 20 mins before the awards. Trust Anti. The night itself was a total joy, with a few tearjerking moments and lots of omg moments. Roll on next year.

My mystical bleatings about being [...]

Monday Sundries: Afghan skate girls, Air Max and Josh Whedon’s ‘strong women characters’

Vintage shirt, French Connection jeggings, Nike Air Max c/o JD Sports

Blame a really spectacular two-day migraine, which is still threatening to return, like a distant stormy cloud, on this late edition of Sundries. I haven’t just been lying down in a darkened room this week though, on no! See a sneak preview [...]

Sunday Sundries: London fashion week and patriarchy is dead

If you haven’t already seen this, naughty Jimmy Kimmel tricks NYFW-goers into spouting nonsense about made up designers. George Costanza? Yeah, really great fabric manipulation, love him.

London Fashion Week! Yay! Boo! Like going to a festival, the path to enjoying Fashion Week is cherry picking your favourites and sneaking off from the madness [...]

Margaret Thatcher is not my female role model

Margaret Thatcher died yesterday. In her wake, tributes have been pouring in, some of them lauding Thatcher as a great leader and a female role model. This is a woman who once said ‘I hate feminism. It is a poison.’ This is a woman who, once in power, neglected to appoint more than a handful [...]

WOW Women of the World Festival

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I will be taking part in the WOW Festival, celebrating women of the world. Recently TV shows like Girls (haven’t seen it, can’t comment!) have highlighted the cultural imbalance in feminism so it’s nice to see an event that takes a holistic approach to equality and freedom for women. [...]

US Elections – You Don’t Own Me!

“You Don’t Own Me” PSA from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.

Elections are always a tense time when you inwardly have ‘please don’t let the bastards win’ on a mental loop. I’m really happy that a motely crew of amazing women have got together to promote the importance of women voting in the upcoming US [...]

Nailwraps: Influences

Phoebe Davies, a friend and artist based down the road from me has been working with young women from a pupil referral unit in Lewisham. They came up with the awesome idea for feminist nailwraps while researching the girls attitudes to feminism and representations of women.

The result is a series of kick-ass nail wraps featuring [...]

Re: Power Dressing

Reading Marta Represa’s lovely blog the other day I started into her Power Dressing post, in which she recounts a work meeting which turned out to be a not-so-subtly engineered semi date with an editor:

In a nutshell, for two pages he rambled on about my “incredibly feminine nails”, my “beautiful tied up hair” (which I [...]

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