Sunday Sundries: life, white privilege and lols

This week I saw Boyhood, an excellent film which I thought would be very much about maleness and masculinity. In the end I was most struck by Patricia Arquette’s role as the mum, repeatedly trying to create a traditional family set-up for her children. At the end of the film she’s upset and finding herself [...]

Sunday Sundries: bunnies, Andrew WK, GIFs and the 90s

Discovered some really idyllic houses near the Tate Modern the other day, just crouched behind some yuppie blocks. Hoptons Gardens Almshouses was built in 1752 and houses Southwark residents over 60, on low incomes, here’s a picture of it in 1952. That something like this still exists in such a central part of London is [...]

Sunday Sundries: Bella Freud scents, GIFs and defining success

Have spent most of the weekend making GIFs for a Buzzfeed post on packing, you can see my last one here, nothing more fun than setting up a tripod and making some silly moving pictures.

Went to the launch of Bella Freud’s perfume range at Harvey Nichols, a trio of pleasing scents that all feel [...]

Martine Wester at H Samuel

It’s pretty much that time of year, where everything feels sparkly and cosy and you think… ‘oh shit, I need to start buying Christmas presents’. I was idly looking up presents for myself because that’s how I roll when I stumbled on Martine Wester at H Samuel. Lucky find because Martine Wester’s jewellery is great [...]

Vichy Idéalia moisturiser

This is the toughest bit of winter, right here. You’ve partied and eaten through Christmas, perhaps abstained through January and now it’s just gritted teeth until Spring decides to make an appearance.

Around this time my skin is just the pits, dry, dull and totally uninspiring and you know xenical drug I’m all about the hydrashe. [...]

These Are A Few Of My Favourite GIFs

Fashion GIFs (and GIFs in general) are one of my big loves, who can resist a sexy combination of old-school internet LOLs and fashwan? Fashion is often all about slickness or aspiration and can take itself quite seriously, but GIFify some fashion shots and it immediately humanises and contextualises it which makes fashion much more [...]

My AW Essentials from Next

I’ve refined my style (or at least I like to think I have) to a lot of quite basic pieces that I wear again and again, they’re the wardrobe glue that holds the rest of my vintage and kookier pieces together. I kind of shop like a stereotypical bloke, I like to swoop, eagle-like into [...]

Monday Sundries: BBQ Fun, Hooping Gifs and Jerk Ribs Recipe

This Sunday Sundries is a day late, but it comes packed with pics, a recipe and a gif. What more could you want? Housing benefit for the under 25s? Yeah me too. Oh well.

Anyway, my BFF was celebrating her 30th bday jerk-style with a massive barbecue with all the Carribean trimmings including mac & cheese, [...]

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