Sunday Sundries: Margaret Howell, Vincent Deary, Alela Diane and Greenpoint

Margaret Howell is consistently one of my favourite designers at London Fashion Week. Something about the way she can come up with fresh silhouettes and ideas in what is quite a classic and restrained look. The two looks above are exactly what I want to wear right now. The midi look is kind of similar [...]

Monday Sundries: vintage vids and spring pastels

This post was all ready to go yesterday and I plain forgot! Oops, well it is a bank holiday… British Pathé recently uploaded a ton of videos from their archive to their You Tube channel. There’s loads of stuff to see, including this amusing ’60s demo of a haircut based on the Twist and the [...]

WOW Women of the World Festival

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I will be taking part in the WOW Festival, celebrating women of the world. Recently TV shows like Girls (haven’t seen it, can’t comment!) have highlighted the cultural imbalance in feminism so it’s nice to see an event that takes a holistic approach to equality and freedom for women. [...]

Jiro: Dreams of Sushi

This weekend I went to see Jiro: Dreams of Sushi, a film about Jiro, a humble and calm 85-year old sushi chef who has practising his craft since he was nine. He rarely takes holidays and is yet to take retirement and let his 50 year old son, Yoshikazu succeed. It was a lovely chance [...]

Five Truthbombs That Cycling Taught Me

As the new year starts I’m seeing more people than ever cycling around London. Builders, lycra commuters, Pashley princesses, trendy students… It’s really nice that there’s a mix of people out on the streets enjoying the benefits of cycling.

There are obvious pluses to getting on your bike like improved health, not having to negotiate the [...]

Resolutions: Smashing Targets for 2K13

Let me start by saying I don’t really make resolutions as such, I feel like I transcend the mere seasonal trends to hopefully achieve something more long lasting, y’know?? If you hate corporate speak, look away now.

As a freelancer I don’t have appraisals, or reviews or one-to-ones anymore. What was once a dreaded exercise in [...]

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