LFW DVF Outfit

I was going to post something completely different but my image filing system leaves er, a lot to be desired and I landed on a ton of London Fashion Week pics. Topical! I took this in the lifts at One Aldwych after biking all over the shop to see shows. Everyone should own a DVF [...]

Outfit: Shirt + Dress = Dreamy Summer

Recently I’ve jettisoned my usual tights jeans and shirt uniform been wearing lots of dresses with shirts over the top, the shirts de-girlify the dresses and protect you from the whims of the weather. Here I’m wearing a New Look dress, a shirt I stole from my flatmate (it’s in the wash for you Sam, [...]

Review: Linus Le Sac

Despite what I said about being anti-kit in my How To Cycle To Work post, I’m sort of getting to the point where my hobo cycling ways just won’t do. After Dunwich (which I will stop going on about soon, promise) I need to start thinking about proper equipment. There’s a lot of overpriced label-y [...]

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