Sunday Sundries: Margaret Howell, Vincent Deary, Alela Diane and Greenpoint

Margaret Howell is consistently one of my favourite designers at London Fashion Week. Something about the way she can come up with fresh silhouettes and ideas in what is quite a classic and restrained look. The two looks above are exactly what I want to wear right now. The midi look is kind of similar [...]

Sunday Sundries: life, white privilege and lols

This week I saw Boyhood, an excellent film which I thought would be very much about maleness and masculinity. In the end I was most struck by Patricia Arquette’s role as the mum, repeatedly trying to create a traditional family set-up for her children. At the end of the film she’s upset and finding herself [...]

My first ever Tweed Run

Brooks, they of super-comfy saddles that saved my bum on last year’s 120-mile Dunwich Dynamo, invited me a few weeks ago to join the Tweed Run. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of people in tweed riding around London. I’ve never been on it but I’ve seen the great outfits, so I knew that [...]

Monday Sundries: vintage vids and spring pastels

This post was all ready to go yesterday and I plain forgot! Oops, well it is a bank holiday… British Pathé recently uploaded a ton of videos from their archive to their You Tube channel. There’s loads of stuff to see, including this amusing ’60s demo of a haircut based on the Twist and the [...]

Ferris Bueller-ing a day off at Kew Gardens

One of the perks of being a freelancer, last Friday I downed my laptop like it was the weekend and headed west to Kew Gardens. It’s one of those London things that unless you’re a tourist you wouldn’t bother doing, but it’s a totally life-affirming thing. It came up as a ‘what’s a lovely thing [...]

Henri Matisse the Cut-outs at the Tate Modern

Some art is like a bit of research, or it’s like getting an idea or a concept and then some art is just very simply great. The new Matisse Cut-out exhibition coming to the Tate Modern this weekend is just that, a joyful and expert celebration of colour and shape. Starting off as a way [...]

Q&A: Peckham’s Cut Out Girls

I ran into one of the Cut Out Girls in Cafe Viva, one of my fave local spots where I often hide myself away to finish some tricky bit of work. This Peckham-based duo make a range of bags, totes and purses with a great eye for colour and a modern use of craft techniques. [...]

A local’s guide to Peckham

Peckham has long been the butt of jokes, but as someone who was brought up in London and has lived south for a number of years, I can say it’s the nicest place I have ever lived. The rest of the world does seem to be catching up though, Vice called it the alternative to [...]

WOW Women of the World Festival

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I will be taking part in the WOW Festival, celebrating women of the world. Recently TV shows like Girls (haven’t seen it, can’t comment!) have highlighted the cultural imbalance in feminism so it’s nice to see an event that takes a holistic approach to equality and freedom for women. [...]

Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Modern

Today I trotted (well, cycled) over the bridge, taking a break from the Fashion Week goings on at Somerset House to make a visit to the Tate Modern and their Roy Lichtenstein exhibition preview. The Lichtenstein show is the Tate’s first since 1968 and worth a visit purely for the historical value of his work. [...]

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