Jan Francis Trendwatch – windowpane checks

This blank and white check edit perhaps says more about my obsession with Just Good Friends than spotting trends. The boxset of the will-they-wont-they 80s Brit sitcom, starring Jan Francis and Paul ‘Candyfloss Clown’ Nicholas was a birthday gift and I’ve just finished ploughing through it. Three seasons and a really weird Christmas special of [...]


Practical, roomy and slightly androgynous, what’s not to love about the tote bag? Tote bags are really pushing my buttons as my favourite bag shape, something about the way it hangs unassumingly by your side, not to mention the practicality factor.

The humble shopper is pretty much all I carry around at nowadays, my colourpop [...]

Marni AW12 Collars and the Circus

As soon as I saw Marni’s AW12 collars I was reminded of these (old, granted) pictures of circus girls from Retronaut. In fact I may have already posted them, but the chunky jewelled collars with their slightly ‘off’ tones remind me of the old-timey gaudiness of the amazing circus girls. Kind of like coming across [...]

Countdown to Marni X H&M

Marni’s collaboration with H&M is less than a fortnight away and I’m buzzing with excitement. Some fashion *things* you get excited because it’s big news but this is more exciting along the lines of ‘what nice things am I gonna get my hands on’. Marni is the fashion industry’s fashion designer, they’ve always been slightly [...]

Marni Winter Edition 2012

Marni’s Winter Edition is a smorgasbord of textures and prints, I love it. It’s slowly kicking me out of my classic/minimal phase I’m in at the moment, otherwise known as ‘I still haven’t properly unpacked all my clothes’, I want to tear things out of my wardrobe and pile them on with lashings on bold [...]

Things To Look Forward To In 2012

2012 is here and you know what they say, great minds think alike. In a similar vein to Rachael’s exhibitionerama post I’ve been stockpiling Things To Look Forward To In 2012. Great name huh? Anyway, finally at the end of Jan here it is in all it’s glory… Part two, Art & Beauty is here.


Topshop [...]

Bicester Villager

On Friday I was invited to Bicester Village which seemed to kickstart an orgiastic spending spree weekend of which I’ve not seen the likes since a legendary My Wardrobe sample sale a few years back…

I don’t have to be told twice to go to Bicester, I went a few years ago and loved the hell [...]

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