On yer bike: Madeleine Moxham

When she’s not making awesome jewellery, or ‘wearable construction’ as she has dubbed her instantly identifiable pieces, Madeleine Moxham can often be seen cycling around the streets of Camberwell, where she grew up and still lives. To coincide with the Tour de France -and obviously because she’s as cool as hell- I decided to ask [...]

Breton me up Scotty

Substitute the skirt for a pair of jeans and you’ve got my everyday working from home outfit right there. Not to say that I’m in a rut or anything, but I’m wearing a lot of the same kind of stuff at the moment. Having a post-house move edited wardrobe, or what Fashionising are called the [...]

Inside the Moxham Studio

My Moxham studio visit is up here for you to see, this is where I grilled Madeleine on her favourite South London haunts and other very important things, like how she takes her tea and what her favourite biscuit is…

Can you tell me 5 fun things to do in South London things?
- Dinner at Brixton [...]

Studio Visit: Moxham

This is the second Studio Visit of the year and another South London label, Moxham (I’m not biased, honest!) Madeleine Moxham designs what she calls ‘wearable construction’, bold but simple statement accessories. I went to her Camberwell home to find out a bit more about her…

Does the creative gene run in the family?
My mum went [...]

My Bengt picks for Vogue Online Fashion Week

It’s the last day of Vogue’s Online Fashion Week, but there’s still time to shop! Bengt asked me to pick my favourite pieces from their online offering of up and coming labels and young designers. My online wishlist immediately doubled as soon as I saw the selection of clothing and accessories, which I guess is [...]

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