LFW DVF Outfit

I was going to post something completely different but my image filing system leaves er, a lot to be desired and I landed on a ton of London Fashion Week pics. Topical! I took this in the lifts at One Aldwych after biking all over the shop to see shows. Everyone should own a DVF [...]

Outfit: Shirt + Dress = Dreamy Summer

Recently I’ve jettisoned my usual tights jeans and shirt uniform been wearing lots of dresses with shirts over the top, the shirts de-girlify the dresses and protect you from the whims of the weather. Here I’m wearing a New Look dress, a shirt I stole from my flatmate (it’s in the wash for you Sam, [...]

Postponing onesie cravings

Greenwich Hill, with Canary Wharf on the horizon

Since going freelance my wardrobe has become a little more… How can I put this? Functional. It feels indulgent to heat all four floors of my house, so I’ll swaddle myself up in scarves, jumpers and even thigh-high legwarmers as I type away at the [...]

Breton me up Scotty

Substitute the skirt for a pair of jeans and you’ve got my everyday working from home outfit right there. Not to say that I’m in a rut or anything, but I’m wearing a lot of the same kind of stuff at the moment. Having a post-house move edited wardrobe, or what Fashionising are called the [...]

A summer wasting

I’m having a bit of r’n’r at the moment, as well as steeling myself for a slew of fashion weeks which is why posts are a little thin on the ground right now. In the last month or so, I’ve generally been trying to make the most of the last few weeks of summer, going [...]

Show Me Your New Look Wardrobe

To help mark our AW11 Press Day at work I got Jackie Dixon in to shoot some of our fave bloggers in their pick of AW pieces. The resulting pictures are a 100 times better than I wished, everyone looks really happy and has styled pieces in their own distinctive way. Jackie kindly fitted a [...]

Rock n dye, tie n roll…

I knew I was going to get the black versions of these New Look lace-ups, especially after seeing Fur Coat in them a few weekends ago. I also went crazy and got the leopard print pair, maybe it was wearing my tie dye tights all days that gave me a little reckless feeling. They’re light [...]

Vogue.com party

Dress and shoes, New Look

The good thing about work is when you get a last-minute invite to an exciting party and you’re wearing jeggings and a shirt, you can nip down to the press room and borrow a fantastic dress for the evening. I’m wearing a panelled black lace/sheer dress (which I totally want to [...]

Confetti System party!

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for party decoration inspiration for my birthday next week. Most of my attention has been focused at the Confetti System’s beautiful garlands, their colour schemes are just brilliant. Sherbet-y pastels mixed with sludgy neutrals and metallics is something everyone can get on board with and I think I [...]

Cheska’s maternity selection!

Fashion experts get my goat a little, I actually like people’s idiosyncrasies! When an old friend of mine asked to help find her some nice maternity clothes I couldn’t help but get a bit Gok Wan. When you’re cheggers your body is busy making a human so you don’t want to be faffing around, [...]

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