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Ferris Bueller-ing a day off at Kew Gardens

One of the perks of being a freelancer, last Friday I downed my laptop like it was the weekend and headed west to Kew Gardens. It’s one of those London things that unless you’re a tourist you wouldn’t bother doing, but it’s a totally life-affirming thing. It came up as a ‘what’s a lovely thing [...]

Tour Diary: Hamburg, Altona and Blankenese

Hamburg was the day that I really went for broke with the sightseeing; Silke, the lovely German promoter, sent me a whole list of things to see in her hometown. I was really getting into the rhythm of the tour, cannily taking a shower in the venue after the gig, so I could be clean(ish) [...]

Tour Diary: Berlin

With Berlin, I had the luxury of a town that I’ve been to a few times, so I didn’t feel the need to tick off a load of tourist things. It’s also where Miggy lives, which gave me the chance to hang out with an internet pal and party like it was 2008. With some [...]

Tour Diary: Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow


I’ve never been to Poznan before but a bouncer in one of the Birmingham venues told me that it was his favourite Polish city. A few of us headed out together, to go for an energising swim. We wandered from the pool into town and I swear we must have gone through the worst [...]

Tour Diary: Budapest

On my student interrailing trip, Budapest ended up being one of my favourite places, first up the streets just looks different, grand and sometimes faded boulevards that hadn’t changed when I returned. Another big pull is the baths, thermal spas that Hungarians have been visiting for years. On my first time I went to the [...]

Tour Diary: Munich and Schloss Nymphenburg

My Munich experience consisted of coffee, a walkaround, picking up stamps and buying a lens cap. Sometimes days are just dictated by thrilling errands. I still managed to get a good bit of the city in while I looked for the perfect coffee spot.

Back at the venue I decided to take my wandering further [...]

Tour Diary: Salzburg’s blue skies

In many ways, touring is a bit like Christmas. There’s a lot of eating, the kind of absent-minded snacking and picking you do at home in your pjs, a lot of sitting around in dressing rooms waiting around and more than a fair amount of passive tv-watching. Much like Christmas though, if you do manage [...]

Tour Diary: Lake Bled

If Lake Bled taught me anything, it’s to jump at every chance you get. I was sort of hesitating to visit this fairytale place, a few hours north of Ljubljana, even though the lake is nestled in the foothills of the alps and has a magical looking island right in the middle with a little [...]

Tour Diary: Ljubljana

Ljubljana is beautiful, really beautiful. With picturesque buildings, a pretty river running through the centre and the alps as a stunning backdrop, just crouched behind, it’s totally the perfect place to visit for a few days. I immediately fell for it, it’s just a charming place, easy to navigate and lots of pretty things to [...]

Tour Diary: Brescia

Brescia was a humble breath of fresh air after bombastic Rome. I mean Italy’s capital is awesome and everything, but Brescia’s charms are sweet and subtle. While Rome is the throbbing, pumping heart of Italy, Brescia just gently flutters. Pretty streets and pastel-coloured buildings gave a bit of a palate cleanser the town and can [...]

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