Silver Obsession, the Spring Update

New Year, new you and all that, but I’m still obsessed with silver footwear, after missing out on a pair of the Deena & Ozzy platforms -mainly for div reasons- I’m still scouring the internet for my perfect pair of silvs shoes.

This being nearly Spring and all that, I’m really feeling the idea (mayhaps not [...]

Silver Surfer

Every so often I get obsessed with finding the perfect version of something, be it the denim shirt, ankle boot or Carly Rae

On holiday with Rachel Comey and Topshop

I’ve been enjoying the Great British Summer this weekend, and until I go on holiday I’ll be whiling away the days packing imaginary suitcases. I’ve had my eye on the Rachel Comey tank and the Topshop bikini for some time, and they seem to compliment each other really well. Add in Vanessa Bruno’s Athe trousers [...]

Sarah Rose Smiley shades of turquoise

Looking up teen photographers for work recently I came across Sarah Rose Smiley, a 16-year old from Wisconsin. Have had this picture saved for ages, the colour has burned itself onto my brain.

So obvs, I picked a few turquoisy things that it’s made me want to buy/wear. Bish, bash, bosh. Steven Alan shirt dress, [...]

Bow To Your Sensei!

I’ve always had a thing for muscle pants, ever since I liberated a pair from a charity shop donation bag on a drunken escapade (hey! I was 18 and foolish). They’re so gross that you have to love them, the baggyness the pukey pattern… They also remind me of Rex Kwan Do from Napoleon Dynamite, [...]

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