Interview: Formula’s Christina Rapsomanikis

About five minutes into meeting Formula‘s Christina Rapsomanikis I knew I’d encountered a kindred spirit. When you’re freelance you end up meeting people who are in similar-ish fields, people you can chat with, straight business talk that meanders into coffee-fueled tangents and existential ponderings. I’m always admiring of people who strike it out on their [...]

Travel: Copenhagen weekend

I’m still on a high from a blissful weekend spent in Copenhagen visiting the amazing Fiona aka #goonsquad, with Sarah and Helen. I have been known to rant on about how much I hate minibreaks, the totally tourist aspect makes me cringe HARD, so it was a delight to be taken around the city by [...]

Sane Communications Press Day SS12

Sane Communications press day is at their unsuspecting offices just off Arnold Circus in East London, it’s the perfect location for a such an eclectic mix of big names and niche labels.

First up in Fiona Paxton, you may be familiar with her luxurious necklaces stocked at Liberty, but she’s expanded her collection to include [...]

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