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New York Eats pt1

This is the first installment of my New York Eats, it’s not really a guide, more Everything I Ate In New York. I really enjoyed getting my food on, from the grossest fast food like Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits to the sublime, definitely Maison Premiere oysters.

Erm, so a minute before this picture I was chuckling to myself like a maniac due to being jetlagged out of my tiny mind. This is when I realised I might be losing it. Ella Cafe is the queen of breakfast, I ordered a skillet of eggs, sausage and cheese and an iced coffee. Total jetlag cure. > Ella Cafe, Bedford Ave.

Blue Moon Cakeshop New York

I waited six years to have the Cake Shop‘s vegan peanut butter bomb cake, this was where I used to go after my internships in the Lower East Side. It was totally worth the wait, especially washed down with a Blue Moon. > Cake Shop, Ludlow Street.

Colin kindly recommended Cafe Habana to me and I arrived on a downpour day, soaking wet and needing some good grub. The chicken salad was so delicious, all charred and smoky and the corn was totally mouthwatering, I wish I’d got another chance to come here and sample their margharitas. > Cafe Habana, Prince Street.

M2M, or Morning 2 Midnight is a supermarket located a short walk from Union Sq that also does takeaway and eat-in sushi and noodles. I have an obsession with sansai, the mountain vegetables that include young fern shoots and other delicious green things. It’s not that easy to come by so whenever I see it on the menu I go for it; teamed with some healthy soba noodles this is the ultimate good-for-you comfort food.

Their sushi is also excellent and I went for some edamame as well. The best part about M2M? You can eat all that and a cold Ooling tea for less than $10. > M2M, East Village.

The difference between ramen and good ramen is huge, Ramen Takumi is a place that only does ramen and it does it well. Another tip from Colin, but we randomly ended up here after meeting some friends, great minds think alike.
The top pic is their octopus sashimi, slimy and rubbery with tons of nose-tingling wasabi. Vegetarian gyoza come in a pleasing green and the choice of ramen is almost bewildering. I went for the Shio Ramen, which arrived with a light broth and delicate noodles that bear little resemblance to your everyday egg noodle. > Ramen Takumi, University Place.

Me-e and Mr Meatball Shop, we got a thi-ing going oo-on! Oh sorry, I was lost thinking about the Meatball Shop‘s wholemeal meatball hero with tomato sauce and mozzarella, one of those dishes which induces instant salivation at the merest thought. It’s a fun place, you tick off your choice of meatball and choice of meatball vessel (spaghetti, brioche, hero bun, salad and more) and pick your sauce and cheese. I would eat one right now. No, two. The decor is mainly ‘old-timey’ a favourite of New York folk and the lighting intimate.

They also do lots of exciting things like boozy milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches. You can takeout or eat in (I went twice) and they have two branches, on the LES’ Stanton St and one on Bedford Ave. Luckily I hear a similar style place has recently opened up in London so I can get my meat on. > Meatball Shop, NY.

A New York Eats wouldn’t be complete without a slice.

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