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Recipe: Super Speedy Fish Tacos

Fish tacos… as a Brit the idea of fish tacos never really appealed until I tried one in New York, fresh but filthy at the same time, lovely chunks of fish with crunchy salad and cold sour cream. I passed out this week in an intense migraine coma and when I woke up started watching the Food Network and was possessed by the desire to make fish tacos.

Don’t know what it is about being sick that makes me super hungry, and hungry for good food, like hot and sour soup for a cold or pinto bean mush for post-wisdom teeth eating. With the brain-damaging effects of a migraine still in full force this had to be a fairly easy recipe. The salsa was just blitzed in one of those chopper processor things, it looks a little sloppy but it tasted just fine. I also used a processor to make a slaw, there’s definitely no point in slavishly hand chopping unless you have to. Once your sundries are assembled, making fish tacos is surpisingly easy and all the veggies make it really healthy as well as bloody delicious. Using a good hot sauce is a great way to get Mexi-flavour, I love El Yucatero’s Mayan XXXtra Hot Sauce for its smoky, earthy taste.

Red and white cabbage
red onion
white fish, cubed (haddock is good)
sour cream/greek yoghurt
hot sauce
avocado, chopped

Chop the pepper, tomato and red onion into rough chunks and blitz, season, add some lime juice and chopped coriander and chilli, stir and let the flavours mingle. Put the red and white cabbage through the finest slicing attachment or hand chop, then add a bit of oil, s&p and lime juice.

Chop the haddock into big cubes and generously dredge in seasoned flour. Shallow fry in oil, you want about two tbsp of oil to get a nice crisp. Warm the tortillas through and assemble the dish in this order: slaw, avocado, fish, salsa, sour cream, coriander, hot sauce. Eat! Warning, you’ll need paper towels.

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