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Recipe: Chorizo and spinach baked eggs

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals, there’s no nicer way to kick off the weekend than inviting some friends over for mid-morning food and an increasingly animated chat as the coffee levs increase. Weekend breakfasts are the best because you can take your time, I usually make something like huevos rancheros or skillet eggs but baked eggs -my new favourite- are so simple and ready in about 15 minutes. Once you’ve done the prep you can just let the eggs cook, shoot the breeze and brew up some coffee. This makes enough for four.

One/two eggs per person
Chorizo, cut into small chunks
One pepper, cut into small chunks
Two tins of tomatoes
Garlic, smoked paprika, s&p

You can experiment with different meats and veg and you can leave the tomatoes out and put in a bit of cream, it’s kind of a ‘whatever’s in the fridge’ kind of thing which is part of the beauty.

Cook off the chorizo and once it’s started to give off some oil add in the pepper and stir occasionally. Chuck in the tomatoes, some garlic and the seasonings and let bubble for a bit. Preheat your oven to about 150C and run some butter along the inside of a baking dish paying more attention the the sides -where the eggs will stick. When the tomatoes have cooked down a little, stir through the spinach and keep on the heat until it just wilts as it will cook more in the oven. Transfer the lot to the baking dish and crack in an egg or two per person, add more seasoning. Put the dsh in the oven for about 15 mins, you want to check that the eggs are done. While this is cooking put on whatever carby accompaniment you want, toast is great or try muffins or tortillas.

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