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Recipe: Mexi-Danish brunch

When you wake up with a ravenous hunger, only a Mexican breakfast will do. In Copenhagen, a couple of weekends ago, I made this dish, a kind of mish-mash of chilaquiles and huevos rancheros for my lovely host Fiona. Chilaquiles has a tomato sauce which soaks into freshly-fried pieces of tortilla bread, but here I improvised with some Danish rye bread. It’s a hearty but healthy dish full of textures with crunchy charred corn on the cob, creamy avocado and yoghurt, a crispy fried egg and the blackened spring onion which gives gives it a smoky pungency. It’s definitely a dish that will set you up for the day but if you want to make this into a bigger lunch-style offering you can add a side of black beans or some pulled chicken.

Ingredients (serves 3)
three corn on the cob
six eggs
two tins of tomato
one onion
two cloves of garlic
two avocados
half a tub of yoghurt
four spring onions, chopped into long diagonals
smoked paprika, a red chilli, s&p

Chop the onion and soften in some oil, crush and chop the garlic add add to the pan along with the tomatoes. Dribble in some oil, add seasoning and leave to simmer. While the tomatoes cook, scoop out some avocado and set aside. Put the corn on to boil for a few minutes, until the kernels turn bright yellow. Get the eggs frying, in a mix of oil and butter. You want them to have all those brown crispy bits so you can turn the heat up quite high. Every now and then spoon the hot oil over the eggs. Put your bread on to toast for slightly longer than usual. Chuck the cooked cobs under the grill for a few minutes, turning frequently, until they blacken slightly. Cutting lengthwise, chop all the kernels off the cob. This is a bit annoying, but it’s so much nicer than tinned. Set aside the eggs and in the same pan fry off the spring onions until soft and blackened.

Butter the toast and arrange on the plate, then add the tomato sauce so it soaks onto the bread, before adding the eggs, avocado, yoghurt, corn and spring onions. Serve with hot sauces and plenty of coffee!

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