Endora’s bewitching dress

dress neon stolen girlfriend's club
Just bought this amazing dress from the charity shop, can’t wait to wear it out, it reminds me of one of my favourites, Endora from Bewitched. The dirty green colour really clashes with the neon paillettes, it’s amazing! I’ve been thinking how to wear it, and I want to bring out the dirty green and clash it up some more. Black is out of the question, I’ve got a nude colour belt so maybe with some sugary pink tights to bring out the dirtiness of the green. Stolen Girlfriend’s Club nude mesh leggings from Pixie Market (where else?) with the neon zipper would be actually be perfect, the zips would make it not so vintage-y and I like the triangle tab detail.

Oh and if you want to know what happened to Omri Katz it’s after the jump, I’m consoling myself by watching old episodes of Eerie Indiana.

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