Bow To Your Sensei!

muscle pants
I’ve always had a thing for muscle pants, ever since I liberated a pair from a charity shop donation bag on a drunken escapade (hey! I was 18 and foolish). They’re so gross that you have to love them, the baggyness the pukey pattern… They also remind me of Rex Kwan Do from Napoleon Dynamite, pure lols.

The muscle pants above were a legit purchase from a different, but I only wear them as pjs. April 77s muscle pants from Urban Outfitters made me wonder if I could wear them outside the house. To be perfectly Anne Frank when I first bought my pants I did marvel at the near perfect carrot leg shape, but I balked because I’m a coward. It must be popular because the April 77 pants are sold out, so I’m gonna have to have a trying on sesh in my room and see if they work. If you want to give muscle pants a go you can buy the vintage pairs right and top from Rusty Zipper.

Do you think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these badboys? Forget about it!

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2 comments to Bow To Your Sensei!

  • hey iso just incase the worness of your pants stops you from wearing them to work/ a press day/ the pub then don’t forget that my matching ones are almost untouched!
    the offers there if you think you are hard enough…

  • [...] on a jersey tube maxi underneath for warmth? Finallement, a cracking cape and some beautiful luxe muscle pants. I’m so happy the high street is getting into capes again, as I still haven’t found my [...]

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