The Christmas Haul pt2

The second part of my childlike present excitement, I guess being vocal about the things you like and having the memory of a goldfish makes for really great surprises.

I got a vest top proclaiming my love for the Eerie Indiana star Omri Katz, if you’ve seen his latest work you’ll know that he’s more creepy than cute nowadays, eek. I also got a Tatty Devine brooch, I usually find that I buy their jewellery and never wear it but this brooch is a lovely colourful spangly piece of fakery that will definitely get a lot of wear. The last present is a ruff from Cos, no joke. Apparently this involved a last minute trip to Westfield so full marks for ticking off two of my great loves. 2010 will be the year I make myself an authentic 16th century ruff, I swear.

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