Silent Witness? Style Witness more like!

emilia fox silent witness

Silent Witness giving me fashion tips? Yeah well I’ve been bedridden for two days so my fashspiration couldn’t come from too far. I missed the Arcadia High Summer Press Day, the Joe Casely-Hayford for John Lewis launch, the LCF MA show and an exciting fashion party (yeah srsly, what a time to get sick) so you’re going to have to deal with a style rundown about a BBC forensic cop drama. Awesome.

Emilia Fox plays one of the detectives, and her fitted wax jacket was the first hint of stylishness. It’s practical but with a subtle nod to trend, I like it! Her floral blouse, jacket and scarf combo is quite nice and it’s teamed with a satisfyingly messy bun. Last of all, a loose rust shirt, which is an unusual colours for a blonde, teamed with a navy skirt. Nice, COS-ish colour combo and the shape of the shirt is pretty lust-worthy, so French and chic!

Ok this isn’t going to set the fashion world alight, but when some people’s idea of ‘smart for work’ consists of a bra shirt, black bootcut trousers and a pink jumper it’s kind of heartening. Also, I get my fashion ideas where I can find the, and at the moment it’s iPlayer! Expect something truly breathtaking once I’ve ventured outside.

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