Jupe culottes reminiscing

henry holland for debenhams
Henry Holland must have a fixation with his childhood, because he is really good at recreating the kind of clothes I wore as a kid. At the press preview last night for his latest Debenhams collection I kept on thinking “I used to wear this… and this” at all the items. The people at Debs let us try on pieces, and I quickly became fixated with a pair of shorts that were pretty much exactly like the ‘jupe culottes’ I used to wear as a geekazoid Frenchie in my childhood. You can tell by my stupid giddle face I’m really excited to be wearing them. Thankfully Zara who accompanied me steered me towards something a bit more practical, and I eventually picked the denim varsity jacket for my gift (cheers!) which looks even better on, and will make the perfect summer coat for chilly pub evenings. I also like the Wang-esque grey jersey top, very athletic.

I’m still hankering for some jupe culottes though, to wear them like it’s 1992, with M&S US flag faux converse, a QS t-shirt and some handmade parrot earrings from the Bead Shop in Covent Garden.

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