Meat Wagon!

meat wagon herne hill burger

While most self-respecting fashion bloggers were gawping at the fantastic new Louis Vuitton store I was furiously pedalling Herne Hill-wards to sample the delights of the Meat Wagon.

The legend of the Meat Wagon is such that my food obsessed sis & boyf immediately agreed to accompany me to the Florence pub for patty of heaven. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, my sis ordered a chilli burger and we shared a Philly cheese steak, I can’t even remember what my sister’s boyfriend ordered. You have to understand by the time our burgers arrived we were near delirious with anticipation and the food was eaten in a haze of ecstacy it was that good.

It was exciting to taste the Philly cheese steak, my first! But I’d have to say my favourite was the chilli burger, the chilli was cooked in butter and then melted into the burger with cheese so the flavour is sealed in. If you fancy an evening of canivorous delights them the Meat Wagon is rolling into North London on Thursday, it’s worth it.

Luckily Susie Bubble and Disneyrollergirl both have fantastic posts on the new LV store if you came here looking for some fashion!

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