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Spangly children’s creepers

I’m not going to write a post apologising for being a slack blogger because that is a pure blogger jinx and leads to posting on a monthly basis to apologise for not posting. ANYWAY, so instead I’m going to tell you about these amazing shoes I saw in the charity shop.

I don’t own them because they were children’s size five or something, and lord knows even if I chopped off my toes they still wouldn’t fit. But how amazing?! They’re mega cute, I would wear them with a boring jersey maxi, or some skinny jeans and plenty of ‘tude. I also like the idea of chanelling Jas Mann from Babylon Zoo (what?) and wearing a maxi sari fabric skirt and maybe even a silver jacket. Blingalicious. Can we get a high street version of these please?

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  • mat_buckets

    if only theyre in your size. babylon zoo! crikey

  • the style crusader

    those are really cool. i wonder where they were originally from…? yes, there surely seems to be a lack of motivation/inspiration creeping around the blogosphere at the moment! i’m thinking we all need LFW to come around so we will be bombarded by inspiration! xx

  • Chuck

    It was worth the wait. They are amazing although thinking about, is it weird to dress a child in brothel creepers?? Not an activity to encourage surely…

  • rollergirl

    Babylon Zoo. I’m sure they were guest of honour at a Dazed party once. I just had a flashback…

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    Oh I was lusting after these and cursing my adult sized feet too…
    This is in the Walworth Road right? The Road of Chazzing heaven :)