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Margaret Howell show, whatatreat! One of the few shows I felt comfortable in my post-wisdom teeth comfy outfit of Grensons, jeans and jumper. I mentioned that all of the UK press were there, it was a bit of a fashion royalty fest, with Lorraine Candy, Imogen Fox and Anna Dello Russo. We all squished into the Wigmore st shop to see what the label had in store for us.

I can look at the Margaret Howell show and be instantly transported to the summer holiday of my dreams. Lizards, homemade lemonade, hot cracked paving stones and bubbles of ashphalt, daily trips to the marché. If you haven’t already guessed it was crisp Englishwoman on holiday in Provence. I’m a big fan of the jumper, sunhat & swimming cossie look on the beach and seeing it on the catwalk pleased me very much. It was a very simple collection, which added to that holiday feeling, when the bag you packed lays largely untouched, save for a pair of shorts and your bikini.

Faded deckchair stripes gave a shot of colour, which reminds me I have some ve-ery similar stuff in my fabric pile, must dig it out and see what I can do with it. Thumbs up the the massive sunhats, further proof we’re out of the fedora indie hell hat-rut, Howell’s hats are far more chic. The slight nod to city living included tailored trenches, sitting solidly against the easy summer separates and a sheer-ish pleated black skirt which is further amping up my pleats fervour. Better get me some pleats before I splode.

Lest we forget the hair let me mention the chignons: moving on from the fashion topknot, -my favourite dirty hair updo; the tresemmé Français style sits a little lower, at the nape of the neck and looks so decontracté (French for being a posh slob). The make up was minimal too, with a slick of facial oil and a tiny dab of eyebrow pencil. Perhaps Margaret Howell can make a summer holiday app to help you pack the perfect minimal suitcase for your relaxashe?

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