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Topshop Unique’s LFW show was held at the old Eurostar terminal which gave it a Bum Bum Train surrealness, I was half expecting to be wheeled out of the show and into some other random scene, like a boxing ring or tea room. Loved all the ‘don’t wear heels’ tweets, it was a mere minutes walk!

As much as I love ‘Edge of Seventeen’ and did a mini fist-pump when it came on the the speakers, I’m not really so down with the Stevie Nicks style. I know a lot of people who are, and they’re in for a treat with Unique’s flamboyant take on ’70s glamour. It was glam, with a hippy prettiness that ran through it, with a few looks taking Liberty to a psychedelic extreme. Btw, if I ever describe something as ‘xxx on acid’ kill me. I also had felt some real Ibiza vibrations, I think this will be a big success for glammed-up partygirls.

Flamboyant prints and sky high perspex platforms are never going to appeal to everybody but you can pick out pieces that are guaranteed to be a commercial success. Sheer printed maxi skirts are mouth-wateringly vivid and pretty lasercut leather tops provide a ventilated version of fashion’s newest BFF fabric. @susiedraff alerted me to the resemblance between the hair at the show and a certain Vogue stylist, and the nails were chunky, encrusted pink and glittery talons of fabulousness created by Sophy Robson.

While this latest collection will be de trop for a lot of people, it shows that just because Unique is part of a high street brand doesn’t mean they can’t totally do their own thing.

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  • mat_buckets

    it was a bit mad 70s/spacey. i didn’t like it at first but it’s really growing on mee

  • Chuck

    Hmmm… Undecided.

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