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This post is just Things That I Was Looking At When I Was Sick, nice huh? The no 6 clogs are totally winter inappropriate, but that’s exactly why I love them. The Mawi for Asos necklace is a no-brainer, instant posh-eriser for your everyday outfits. Frothy lace is another winter inappropriate or inattendu fabric, and I’m imagining it with the clogs and some ribbed grey tights. In fact with my new fake fur coat I scored from the charity shop I’ll be set for a biddyesque winter. Maybe it’s a return to my old lady vintage times, a little last burst of nostalgia before I accept my adulthood.

No6 pink clog: $245, Creatures of Comfort. Mawi for Asos gunmetal & gold necklace: £65. Reiss Sweetness dress in Cream: £245.

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