Bicester Villager

On Friday I was invited to Bicester Village which seemed to kickstart an orgiastic spending spree weekend of which I’ve not seen the likes since a legendary My Wardrobe sample sale a few years back…

I don’t have to be told twice to go to Bicester, I went a few years ago and loved the hell out of it. After a hard week at work it was a brilliant distraction, speeding down the A40 on the Fashion Express checking out the sheep and the semi-detacheds. A lovely surprise was meeting up with the fantastic women behind The Womens Room, they’re the kind of people who know offhand what ‘harebell blue‘ looks like so it was a real treat to hang out with them. We started off in Marni, and I don’t have any pictures because any time in there was spent fondling, ogling and inhaling the clothes, it’s like my body was trying to absorb the clothes off the racks. I didn’t find anything perfect but soon my pretty… Missoni was also a wonderful calvacade of textures and pattern, who knew I was a Missoni fan? I really am, their lamé party dresses are the Dresses of Dreams.

After a truly, madly, deeply, amazing lunch (see pic) I set off with a sense of purpose, it takes a while to get the gist of Bist, but soon I was on a higher plane, a trance-like bargain-hunting state. Aka I found the Church’s shop. Reader, I bought them. I’ve been lusting after some Church’s for time, and I picked out a silver and white pair that will rule summer. Other shopping highlights include a chartreuse Jaeger jacket, which is all silky and looks great on my corn-fed complexion. The beaut thing about Bicester is you can spend high street prices and come away with something really spesh.

The Bicester team tell me that the coming weeks are bargainsville, with further reductions through January and Feb before starting afresh with new stock early March. If that doesn’t whet your bargain-hunting appetite then you must be dead, because I’m kinda foaming at the mouth right now.

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