Topshop Unique AW11

When I was a child I used to hang out in Woolworths trying to buy lottery cards and watching the films on the screens, which played against a backdrop of whatever was in the Top 40. I remember the scene at the end of 101 Dalamtians (where they’re crowded round a piano) going hilariously well with whatever house track was in the charts. Me and my BFF with our Pick’n'Mix were transfixed in laughter. THAT IS WHAT FUN WAS BEFORE THE INTERNET!

TS have ditched the kaftans and the boho and gone for ’40s Disney drama, the invite was a sleek beribboned hound which set the mind rubix-cubing the possibilities but I didn’t expect Disney! Cruella de Ville provided inspiration from the cartoonish faux furs right down to the dalmatian nails. With Katie Grand’s styling it looked playful rather than ominous, totally loving the double buns, that’s work appropriate, right?

I especially like the Disney sweatshirt layered under serious garms, Katie herself was sporting a vintage Disney tee over a sweat with jeans and the brilliant Prada stack brogues backstage at Giles, so you know we’ll all be doing it in six months. The girl just below might well be my personal mascot for the season, punky, retro and with a hint of Luella (RIP) she’s a clear winner.

Pictures: Inside Out, Angie Smith Stylist

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