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Aussie brand Emu have come to London for the month of May, at a beautifully VM’ed pop-up shop on Lamb’s Conduit Street. As a sheepskin-shoe skeptic I wasn’t entirely convinced, but I spotted their desert boots in this month’s Elle and it got me feeling a bit more generous to the sheepskin genus of shoe brands. I’ve never worn them and I’m scared it’s like DRUGS MAN, once you start you’re hooked for life. Hadley Freeman has been recently writing in her Guardian column about her conversion to the sheepskin boot, so no one is safe.

Emu have gone the extra mile to ensure this is no squished down, soggy wag-cessory: first off, they’ve come up with a nifty fibreglass heel meaning the boots’ heel stays straight no matter how hard your feet try to compact them. They’re aso completely waterproof as demo’ed, in true infomercial style, by the lovely PR with a glass of water. Thrilling!

As fate would have it, they didn’t have my size in the grey short boots I was going to try, so I picked up an awesomely practical pair of leather knee-high boots, lined in fleece and with a sturdy rubber heel. Take that winter! This also means I have yet to try on the sheepskin boot, but I hear their siren song…

The Emu pop-up shop is open until the end of the month, so get yourself down there, think I’m going to be making a return trip to get the desert boots and try not to get tempted by the fleecies. OH and in case you don’t live in London, they have a website, I urge you to check out the kid’s boots, they’re beyond cute.

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