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That was March

Decanter collection at Bungalow 8, I think I want a decanter collection now

Sunset over Westminster Bridge before going to El Gaucho for steak and wine.

Stylist’s Glenda Marchant at the Mango/Stylist event. I love Stylist, so it was really cool to hear her talk at the event about the mag and their readers.

PPQ for Office projection at the launch.

Curve In The Mode’s lovely gemstone cuff, pictured at the Emu event a few weeks ago. Made me hanker for a US roadtrip, like, now.

Shan Rahimkhan, what a guy. I attended the entertaining launch of his haircare range to Harvey Nichols, loving the silver conditioner which is keeping my locks brassy-free. Check out the monogrammed cuff. Amazing. Also he’s Iranian so I had to stop myself from asking him lots of Iran-related questions.

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  • Tory

    My furry arms are famous – hurrah!

  • LaRue

    Awesome photos. Isn’t Bungalow 8 weird?

  • Isabelle

    Furry arms are better than shaved arms!

    Yeah, for all the hype I thought Bungalow 8 would have been way fancier. Don’t know what I was imagining, maybe those faux-flame blowy fabric lights?

  • ViCO

    sunset love:D:D:D

  • tamsin

    Decanters are a must – I own several! :D