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Rupert Sanderson AW11 Press Day

Tons of gorgeously polished heels on offer at the recent Rupert Sanderson press day but the ones that really got me were the blue suede loafers with double bullet charms, totally killer shoes. I tried them on and they feel like heaven on your foot, I’m not sure what kind of shoe-voodoo is going in there but they felt perfectly moulded.

Reader I almost bought them, but then wavered and decided I should really be concentrating on my mortgage fund. Did I just make a colossal fashion error?

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  • Nell

    Love the shoes!

  • SeaofGirasoles

    Gorgeous shoes, love all of them!! i never knew this designer before.
    thank you

  • Chuck

    Ooh, I could not resist getting grubby finger prints all over that perfectly polished patent (alliterative!) leather. The bullets are super cool but risk they might come off quite easily?

  • rachael

    Your made a TERRIBLE mistake. Sorry to break it to you.

  • RIY_KA

    love the blue shoes with the bullets…

  • LaRue

    I knew you would love those shoes!

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