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Sunday Sundries: Prada, potatoes and two-tone

Here are some odds and ends from my week, I really enjoyed dressing up as a rudegirl for an evening out. One of my pet hates is monochrome outfits but I actually loved this get-up. As well as my faux Chelsea cut which now means I have a fringe, oops. Expect some hair-centric posts in the next few weeks.

Isabel Marant’s summer house where she spends her weekend, apparently it doesn’t have any electricity. I have been wanting to see this place for an unhealthily long time. I kind of want a summer house too now, a cosy simple shack to spend a couple of days in nature forgetting about the world. [from So Much To Tell You]

My new Prada jacket, complete with tons of brassy hardware, I love it. It’s a mix of a slope-shouldered ’50s shape with a biker closure. Accompanied by a snazzy new satchel c/o Medwinds. Back to school vibes!

A couple of shots from Muse magazine, love the pattern mixing and the colours of the background in this one. The idea of standing on mountainous terrain in ladylike getup definitely appeals. [from Fashion Gone Rogue]

Gussying up a jacket potato with fried mushrooms and parsley, I put parsley on everything. It’s my way of saying ‘see, this is healthy’. Yeah right, underneath that cheese is beans with mini sausages. Ale shandy in the background, rock and roll.

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  • disneyrollergirl

    Swi-izzz I came here to see the rude girl get up not a measly pair of socks!

  • mat_buckets

    shame we can’t see the hair do

  • Victoria Buchanan

    LOVE Isabel Marants holiday home. Just reminds me of being young and going camping!

  • thesecretcloset

    I love your blog!!! xxxTheSecretClosetxxx

  • LaRue

    Need to see more of this Prada jacket

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous