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London Fashion Week Sunday Sundries

Slightly late but special London Fashion Week sundries for you, been buzzing around like mad for LFW and my upcoming New York – Mexico LOL HOL (laughter holiday, duh). I always dread LFW and then once I’m there I really enjoy it. It’s great to IRL catch up with the lovely bloggers who I usually only see on the internet.

Jeremy Scott sunnies at the Linda Farrow stand. USA! USA!

I SWEAR to god that the cat jewellery at Topshop looked exactly like Seymour the cat from Rude Dog and the Dweebs. For those of you that don’t know, Rude Dog is a ’90s cartoon based on a clothing line, I don’t even know if it had a plot.

Backstage at Daks, some last-minute adjustments and Stephanie from Stylist with the famous Stylist dog! He looked totally blogged out. I hear you little man.

I’m dubbing Wang Yu’s hoodie my ‘dream freelance cape’, imagine nipping to the shops in that and some leggings. Uh-huh-mazing.

Ooooh it’s Alex Loves!

Topshop Shalebrity front row was ridic, is there anyone seated in that row who isn’t famous? Points for anyone who can name every single person. Also, Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles were sat together and looked so cute.

Sparkle + cycle safety. My trusty old bike has been so useful for nipping around all the LFW venues, love you bike!

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