Elephant and Castle to Deptford cycle

My latest nightbike was to Deptford for a chutney competition in the Dog & Bell pub, a lovely real ale boozer. I thought it would take me an age to cycle from my house, but going across the Surrey Canal path it only took me about half an hour, bikes rule. I was cheering on a friend whose beetroot chutney may not have won a prize, but in my eyes it was the best.

When I arrived in Deptford I had to take a picture of Manze’s pie shop, classic. I did get aksed (sic) by a group of girls ‘what you taking pictures of moving cars for?!’ I hope that goes some way to explain why I didn’t take that many photos on this bike trip.

Just round the corner from the pub is a building site and if you peer through the gates you can see the other side of the Thames, a beautiful view. There’s the Thames Cycle Path so I’m definitely planning a little bike gang excursion out here, this looks like a real beaut of a trip.

Churches everywhere.
Floral wreath near Surrey Quays.
You have to cycle through an industrial estate, I took a wrong turn and ended up outside Millwall football ground.

You can see Canary Wharf through the derelict arches, amazing.
Here’s the aformentioned chutney, my money was on 327.
Apologies for the bad pic, here’s my judging plate with a pint of Grasshopper ale. What more could a girl ask for?

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  • ha this is flipping ace, you just don’t get this sort of stuff in my part of the county. nothing happens here, even mundane stuff is thin on the ground. i’d love to go to something like this. keep up these bike pics

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