Inside the Myriam Girard Studio

Myriam Girard’s studio visit went up on Friday, here is a little French-flavoured Q&A to brighten up your Monday:

Can you list 5 typically French things to do?
- Have Tartines with jam and butter for breakfast
- Wear a Lace Bra…everyday and with any outfit! You’ll always feel a little sexier.
- Buy all your beauty products in French Pharmacies: stock on Caudalie, Nuxe & la Roche Posay
- Invest in timeless luxury pieces for your wardrobe, French Fashion is all about style rather than trends!
- Drink Champagne cause it’s low calorie!

Can you name some of your favourite artists?
Painters are always a great source of inspiration: Degas, Klimt, Ingres or Boucher. I love the sensuality of their paintings and the way they beautifully paint women’s curves.

Which designers inspire you?

Dolce & Gabbana for making women look so sexy and desirable, I also love Tomas Maier for Bottega Veneta, his designs are exquisite and beautifully crafted.

What’s your favourite studio beverage/snack that keeps you going?
Black coffee in the morning, love the Colombian coffee from Monmouth, and lots of tea in the afternoon, with a preference for quintessentially British teas from Newby Teas and Fortnum & Mason. And for snacking chocolate of course, can’t live without it!

What music do you listen to in the studio?
Mainly Classic and Jazz, it always keeps me in a creative mood, but I listen to Led Zeppelin when I need a pick me up!

What’s your 5 favourite places to go on holiday?
Burgundy for its wine and beautiful little villages, Sicily for its food and beauty, St Tropez for partying, Aruba for its perfect white sand beaches and Venice, the city is so magical!

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