Postponing onesie cravings

Greenwich Hill, with Canary Wharf on the horizon

Since going freelance my wardrobe has become a little more… How can I put this? Functional. It feels indulgent to heat all four floors of my house, so I’ll swaddle myself up in scarves, jumpers and even thigh-high legwarmers as I type away at the laptop. A hardcore Heat Tech fan, I was a bit cynical when Angels & Men sent me their thermal jeans but after a few days of putting them through their paces, wearing only a nromal amount of layers I was a complete convert. I went for the slim style in dark blue, a classic cut and fit that isn’t bulky or ‘padded’-looking. I keep turning up the legs of the jeans to show off the fleecy lining to friends who are either really impressed or just humouring me.

An afternoon sledding was the perfect way to put them through their paces, teaming them with my fleece-lined boots was an unbeatable cold-weather combo that kept me warm for many hours. Back at home, it’s great to be able to keep cosy without piling a ridiculous amount of knitwear, readers, these jeans may have saved me from The Onesie. Jump through to see a stupid gif of me in the snow.

Hat: vintage, scarf: H&M, tweed coat: vintage, Navajo-style jacket: New Look, breton jumper: COS, thermal jeans: c/o Angels & Men, boots: c/o EMU, improvised sled: model’s own.

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