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Rupert Sanderson Paris Showroom AW12

Kicking off my showroom coverage with Brit designer Rupert Sanderson is a little contrary, but that’s how we works round here. Their warm showroom was a lovely sanctuary from the miserable rain, you know how us Rosbifs like to talk about the weather? Well the Rupert Sanderson showroom was possibly the only showroom I got to talk meteorological shop, I never felt so British.

Feast your eyes on this lot, loving the clear plastic and glitter heels, they’re just crying out to be worn with statement print trousers and a slouchy knit. Sharp heels coming back is music to my ears, there’s nothing better than a traditional heel in a interesting leather/fabric in my book.

As well as your trad Rupert Sanderson faves there’s a distinctly 60s flavour in the air with chic little ankle boots and loafers in navy and demure ballet pink that feel a little bit Parisian and a little bit what I like to call ‘Columbo’s Wife’. That stylish, old-timey look, I’m thinking trenchcoats, rollnecks and burgundy leather… Knoworramean?

I’m pleased to report the awesome loafers are BACK, in new colours and finishes and with kilties or the hawesome rose-gold bullets. Ah’m in love.

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