Goddards Pie and Mash Shop, Greenwich

One of my dad’s favourite day trips when we were children was to take us across town, onto the DLR (sitting at front if poss) to Greenwich for a visit on the Cutty Sark and to walk under the Thames in the foot tunnel. The centrepiece of the day would be a visit to Goddard’s pie and mash shop, a family-run business which has been going since 1890.

You can do the whole lot and -travelcard permitting- still have change from a fiver. I get the feeling that’s why my dad loved going to Greenwich, but it’s also a straight up brilliant day out.

When Goddard’s shop was ousted to make way for a burger chain I was a little bit distraught, Goddards continued selling pies from a van and on mail order but this week they opened a new shop just a stone’s throw from the old place next to Greenwich station.

Their new shop is really beautiful and follows all the rules of a traditional pie shop, with an expansive counter, wooden bench seating and brickwork tiling. They also have some really lovely chandeliers and masses of union jack bunting, you couldn’t ask for a prettier shop.

A delicious but lethal combo of Guinness and Tia Maria the night reduced my pie-eating skills on the day, but I managed to get through most of it. I let the side down by going for gravy, any real cockney will have their pie with liquor and I wasn’t even anywhere near being able to start on a cherry pie and custard for dessert. A friend told me about a man who managed to wolf down 22 pies in one sitting, 22 pie man, I don’t know you but I salute you.

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5 comments to Goddards Pie and Mash Shop, Greenwich

  • This makes me so happy! I was a wreck when I heard that they had closed! I love a good pie.
    But have you ever tried the ‘liquor’ sauce (which has absolutely nowt to do with liquor) in those traditional mash places? Totally revolting. I don’t even understand what it is but it is disturbingly bad. I’ll stick to the gravy, baby ;)


  • Bigroe

    22 pies in one sit in i’d piss it. i done 20 pie and mash in 30 minutes in romford;s Robbins with witness’s
    check it out

  • Anonymous

    Have to say, I’m a liquor convert, so good!

  • Anonymous

    I love this comment

  • Josupat

    Had pie and mash yesterday in goddards greenwich,really disappointed.pie was tasteless and crust waslike leather! Mash tasted like powdered product! Not worth another visit!

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